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We are a Canadian real estate investment company located in Windsor and Essex County, Ontario focused on buying, selling and renting single family and multi-family homes, condominiums and apartment buildings. We take pride in selling and renting homes that are safe, clean and affordable while ensuring all of our investors are completely satisfied with their experience.

Our Approach

We do all of the work as we search, find, vet, purchase, and manage rental investment properties for our investment clients including those serving as Joint Venture (JV) Partners, private money lenders, and rent-to-own clients.

Investment Process

The North Shore Properties Team is constantly seeking out real estate investment opportunities for buy-and-hold real estate investors who don’t have the time, tools, or tactics necessary for a cash flow positive return. 

Your Investment Return Target

Our real estate investment return targets for our investment clients include:

  • 7% or greater for money lenders; and,
  • 12% or greater for joint venture property partners.


 What We Do

Let us help you invest to grow your wealth through real estate.

Private Money Lending

Looking to earn a significant investment return on your cash? Become a private money lender by mortgaging on real estate property!

Joint Venture Partnerships

Looking to invest your cash or home equity in real estate, but don’t have the time, tools, or tactics to make it work? Become a money partner with us!

Rent to Own Your Own Home

Always wanted to own your own home, but have trouble coming up with a down payment or can’t get a mortgage? Ask us about Renting to Own.

Wealth Building Coaching Calls

Earning a reasonable income, but can’t seem to find your path to true wealth? Reach out to us for Wealth Building Coaching Calls.


Joint Venture Partners

Continuing to grow with our joint venture partners

"Having very little knowledge of real estate investing and zero experience, the North Shore Properties Team was able to help me understand how I could make a return that was significantly higher than what I was currently earning in a mutual fund while also putting the equity in my home to work!"

Jon Orr Testimonial
Jon Orr

Joint Venture Partner

 Our Team

We are ready to grow with you!

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Matthew Biggley


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Kyle Pearce



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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask, We answer.

Choosing Who To Invest With Is Hard.

We’re here to help.

It is likely that you have many questions about how you can best invest your extra savings to build wealth.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area to get answers.

What is a private money lender?

A private money lender is an individual or company loans another individual or company their own personal funds to use for investment purposes.

In real estate, it’s an alternative option for financing an investment property outside of a traditional bank or lending institution to fund a purchase, renovation, or another investment opportunity.

The benefit to the borrower is access to additional cash, while the benefit to the lender is a higher return on investment than a savings account, mutual fund, or other traditional investments.

Learn about how you can become a private money lender with us.

Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships

A Joint Venture (JV) Partnership involves two or more people/businesses pooling their resources and expertise to achieve a particular goal as a team. 

In real estate, a common joint venture (JV) partnership structure involves one partner providing expertise, while the other partner brings the money. This allows both partners to benefit from the rewards of real estate, while also reducing the risk across both partners instead of taking on 100% of the risk alone.

Learn weather you might be a good fit to become a Joint Venture (JV) Partner with us by clicking here.

Rent to Own

Always wanted to own your own home, but have trouble coming up with a down payment or can’t get a mortgage?

Participating in a Rent to Own Program provides you with the opportunity to begin your home ownership journey by receiving a mortgage through North Shore Properties Team while following our guidance to ensure you can receive a traditional mortgage in 2-5 years. 

Our program helps you save for your downpayment while you “rent” your home that you’ll be purchasing at the end of the term. 

Learn more about our Rent to Own Program here.

Wealth Building Mentorship Program

Earning a reasonable income, but can’t seem to find your path to true wealth? You can continue to follow the herd and dollar cost average (DCA) into the mutual funds your bank investment advisor recommends and achieve less than favourable returns with high hidden fees, or you can start taking control of your investment future to build a plan towards financial freedom.

We have been on our wealth journey towards financial freedom for a combined 25+ years and we wish we had mentors to make the path smoother and more clear. We take pride in being able to offer that same mentorship through coaching calls with those who are serious about taking responsibility of their own financial freedom.

Learn more about how you can join our Wealth Building Mentorship Program here.

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